Cruising to Edmonds on Pallin’ Around

This fall, we took Pallin' Around cruising to Edmonds from Pleasant Harbor on the Hood Canal. Follow our journey!

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Woman with a bike on a dock in front of a boat
Woman with a bike on a dock in front of a boat
The e-bikes have been invaluable on this trip. Here mom and I were on a mission for margaritas at the local Mexican restaurant! Learn more about e-bike safety and manners HERE.

Departing Pleasant Harbor Marina, Brinnon, Hood Canal

After many days of delays due to an early fall storm, we finally departed our home marina of Pleasant Harbor on Thursday, September 28, 2023. We were taking Pallin’ Around cruising to Edmonds on the start of our journey to the San Juan Island with both parents. Mom (Fran) joined us from Pleasant Harbor to Edmonds, where we picked up dad (Trey) and my stepmom Jenny.

Cruising at 6-8 knots from Pleasant Harbor to Port Ludlow took about 3-4 hours. We spent a rainy evening at the dock here before proceeding to Edmonds the next day. Now, that was a rough crossing! Strong winds led to choppy waves, but we finally made it to Edmonds about 3 hours later. At Edmonds, we found a narrow entry but plenty of dockspace for an overnight stay. We paid about $75 for our 36′ boat for access to trash, water, power, restrooms, and showers.

Cruising to Edmonds from the Hood Canal through Rain & Shine