9 Reasons to Visit the International Mermaid Museum

Join us for a visit to the International Mermaid Museum halfway between Aberdeen and Westport for a whimsical afternoon!

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Mermaid Statue at the International Mermaid Museum drinking wine

In case you really need 10 reasons to visit the International Mermaid Museum between Aberdeen and Westport, here we go!

It is about a 90-minute-drive from Olympic Oasis in Brinnon for your home base for Olympic Peninsula Adventures.

1. It’s a unique way to spend an afternoon (especially a rainy one!) with the family, your gal pals, your partner, or by yourself!

Have you ever had your fortune told by a mermaid? Do your kids even know what this is? Here’s your chance!

Mermaid fortune teller

2. For the mythology lovers among us, the International Mermaid Museum offers an EXTENSIVE collection of stories about mermaids in cultures around the world through time.

For example, one of my favorites with a local connection is the story of Melusine. In 1393, Jean d’Arras spun a tale of love & anger and curses & consequences that inspired the Starbucks logo. You’ll have to visit the museum to learn more!

Ready for another one? In Japanese lore, catching or finding a ningyo (which means “human fish”) is believed to lead to bad luck. However, in the story of Yao Bakuni, eating ningyo led to an extraordinarily long life of 800 years!

3. Even better for the wine lovers among us, you can grab a glass of wine at the attached winery to enjoy while you browse the museum.

Mermaid Statue at the International Mermaid Museum drinking wine

4. Entry fees are reasonable and support a registered non-profit that is “dedicated to teaching ocean ecology from seashore to sea floor immersed in mermaid mythology uniting world oceanic cultures.”

Fee information for International Mermaid Museum

5. The free garden grounds at the International Mermaid Museum are beautiful and interesting!

Large wooden guitar sculpture in a garden
Life-sized garden chess set
Mermaid statue in a garden

6. The mermaid costumes are FABULOUS! It is obvious that the founders of this museum put a lot of effort into the creation and upkeep on this museum.

Fashionable mermaid

7. There are tons of informative displays about other ocean-related items, like these hag stones and so-called “mermaid births.”

Hag stones
Info about mermaid birth

8. The museum does an excellent job of connecting extensive mermaid research to information on more traditional ocean creatures and local lore.

Mermaid knowledge chart
Article about Nirvana from Aberdeen

9. The museum has something for everyone and is well maintained. Support them!

International Mermaid Museum
International Mermaid Museum
International Mermaid Museum